Ashtanga gives back

Damien is inspired by the social business model and committed to raise awareness and donate 10% of workshop benefits to local NGO’s or charities. Yoga is filling the cup with so much that the joy, gratitude and abundance cannot help but overflow and wants to share and give back in any small ways possible.

His heart sings to the tune of the Balinese philosophy “Tri Hita Karana” or three-fold harmony, in which all endeavors should enrich the person, the local community and the global environment. Being a traveling yogi he has the opportunity to extend the gift of yoga to communities who would not necessarily have access to  it and use his loudspeaking voice to empower local activism and individual actors of the social revolution.

Aware of being a co-creator in our global ecosystem, he feels honored to be able to sow today the seeds for a better tomorrow and invites all, yoga studios, teachers and students to participate in any way meaningful or appropriate.

From Ashtanga with love.