August 8 2012

There are no injuries!

It seems lately my body is cumulating injuries, some related to sports, some to yoga and some to enjoying life with kids. There could be many an explanation as to how and why each one happened, but really those are stories in a past i cannot change and so i find it more useful to look to the present to see the gifts they bring.

Injuries used to be associated to quite a bit of stress, especially as an ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher. What s gonna happen to my practice? How can i keep flying without my daily yoga fix? what kind of a teacher do i look like if i cannot demonstrate?..

I notice this time there has been very little resistance to his last injury.

A grade 2 tear in the calf muscle as a result of being hit by another surfboard, which led to my being bed-ridden for 2 full weeks and experience a lot of pain. I welcomed it as an opportunity to give this body a deserved vacation and an invitation to do some computer work i had been procrastinating on.. like writing blogs :)

So, on looking closer i realize that Injuries are only stories of the mind. An injury is only an injury when i tell myself the story that:

  1. it shouldn’t be happening.
  2. it’s painful!
  3. it s keeping me from doing what i want / need to do.
  4. ..etc.. basically stories of resistance

Without these story-lines in the ‘Damien Telegraph’ i find more space for acceptance and ultimately peace of mind, and those so called injuries begin to look entirely different: As all things seem to be in balance in the universe, it becomes apparent that the more physically active i am, the more prone to injuries i become.. Couch potatoes, may have other imbalances to deal with, but sports-injury is rarely one of them! I become aware those injuries are teaching me to slow down, do less and be more, and to take care of myself..

When ‘injury’ happens the body automatically goes into healing mode. i m amazed and grateful of how well it knows how to do that. If it had been left to me or even the best doctors around to make that happen, i would have been gone a long time ago!

Healing actually to means ‘to make whole’. so i can infer that i was fragmented and unbalanced in a way that i wasn’t able or willing to hear and the body-mind had to resort to ‘injury’ in order to heal and restore itself to wholeness.. From this perspective life becomes a lot sweeter and simpler: How do i know i needed to be made whole again? i got injured is the answer!

I can find many more reasons why ‘injuries’ are good and the lessons they teach me priceless and actually see them as being the tusks of elephant god Ganesha prodding me to keep growing:

  1. they guide my yoga practice toward the deeper limbs of the ashtanga method, pranayama, meditation and Self-inquiry.
  2. They keep me real, honest and humble as a yoga teacher.
  3. They teach me how to be more sensitive, caring and loving toward myself and others
  4. They help me appreciate and experience the simple miracles of life: walking, eating a dragon-fruit, looking at a bird..

I m not saying go and get injured, there are others ways to learn. Although injuries seem to be part of the course when we become a bit ‘hard-of-hearing’. I invite you to look at your injuries from a different perspective, as an opportunity to regain balance and wholeness. And remember that a well-deserved vacation is just on the other side of the story.

Happy healing!